Get Amazing Eid Gifts, Men’s Thobes and Ladies Thobes for Eid


Featured for this week:

►► “Quran” Eid Gifts for All

►► Women’s Fancy Thobes for Eid

►► Men’s Elegant Thobes for Eid

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings!

With the blessed month of Ramadan in its final days for this year (Ramadan always goes fast), here is your final opportunity to get your Eid gifts and other clothing items that you may not have been able to get earlier. Here is what you can still get your hands on if you order early. Just ensure that you give enough time for your shipment to arrive on time or choose from the faster shipping options available to you during checkout if you want these before Eid.

Quran Gifts– Get great looking Qurans with fancy wraps and golden covers. These include Qurans in decorative boxes, Quran in a Makkah Kaabah box, and others.

Women’s Fancy Thobes for Eid – If you have not already, click to browse the fancy ladies dresses.

Men’s Elegant Thobes for Eid – Get Men’s formal thobes both in dark and light colors for Eid. Order today to get them on time!

Last but not least, if there are items that you would like to have but are order having difficultly finding them, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail at admin @




Quran Gift

Blue thobe

Fancy Thobe for ladies

b thobe

Formal Thobe for Men


Men’s Thobes, Caps & featured items



Featured for this week:

►► New Men’s Thobes in Fall Colors

►► New Men’s Caps for Eid

►► Featured and Gift Items for Eid

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings!

Here are some updates for this week that you should know about:

New Men’s Thobes in Fall Colors – We have just posted new attractive and durable Men Thobes in fresh Fall colors and designs. These include Moroccan thobes, striped design thobes, and more. Grab them for Eid and other occasions.

New Men’s Caps for Eid– With Eid around the corner, you will be happy to see new embroidered caps to go with elegant thobes. These fancy caps with embroidery patterns will make your Eid dress look nice and complete.

Other Featured items and Gifts – If you are looking for items to gift to your loved ones on the occasion of Eid, we have some beautiful decoration items such as Ayat ul Kursi and Asma-ul-Hosna framed in large golden durable frames. There are many other featured items that you can choose from.

Last but not least, if there are items that you would like to have but are having difficultly finding them, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail at admin @




Asma ul hosna

Asma ul Hosna

Saudi design cap

Saudi Cap

thobe in fall color

Men’s New Thobe for Fall


New ‘shemagh’ styles & top selling Islamic books

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Featured for this week:

►► New Shemaghs for Men

►► Top Selling Islamic Books

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings!

Here are some updates for this week that you should know about:

New Shemaghs for Men amoxicillin generic and brand name generic amoxil amoxil buy – In the “Shemagh” section, you will be glad to see many new styles of Shemaghs posted, some of which are also good for both gents and ladies. You will find in our inventory:

Iraqi Style Black & White Shemagh
► Traditional Palestinian Style Shemagh
► White Saudi Shemagh
► Colorful Shemaghs – Can also be worn as scarves by ladies


Top Selling Islamic Books – If you have not checked this section lately, we invite you to browse all those books that are highly sought by customers worldwide. Take a moment to decide which of those books you would like to add to your home Islamic library.

Last but not least, if there are items that you would like to have but are having difficultly finding them, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail at admin @



black shemagh

Black Elegant Shemagh


Colorful Shemagh

Palestinian Style Shemagh


Quran Set with 30 Juzz

Hajj and Umrah Ihrams and Books


Featured for this week:

►► New Ihrams for Men

►► Books on Hajj & Umrah

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings!

As we are fast approaching the Hajj season, we have a few updates for those who are planning to perform Hajj and also for others.

Books on Hajj & Umrah – Increase your knowledge on Hajj and Umrah by browsing books on Hajj and its obligations. Educate yourself about the various rites and rituals as well as prayers for Hajj. Find useful information about the important places along with maps and illustrations for your convenience. Specifically, look for the following books on the site:

    • Getting the Best Out of Al-Hajj & Umrah and Visitors,
    • Hajj, Umrah & Ziyarah (Large size).
    • Umrah in Ultimate Guide to Umrah.
  • Holy Makkah: Brief History, Geography & Hajj Guide.


Highly affordable Men’s Ihrams – Use this opportunity to purchase some affordable men’s Ihrams for Hajj. These two piece Ihrams have been designed in white lightweight and cool 100% pure cotton to ensure comfort in hot weather. The high quality fabric is durable too and you will be able to perform all your Hajj obligations with ease.

Last but not least, if there are items that you would like to have but are having difficultly finding them, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail at admin @




Men’s Ihram

getting the best out of al hajj

Getting the Best out of Al Hajj

Ladies Tops: Prices Reduced


Featured for this week:

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings!

We are happy to share with you that we have recently reduced our prices for all Ladies Tops and Tunics clothing. Most of our price reductions are around 20% that gives buy cheap dapoxetine , priligy price, cheap dapoxetine , cipro price buy cipro order dapoxetine , buy dapoxetine hydrochloride, dapoxetine australia , dapoxetine for sale . you the opportunity to get more of your favorite clothing at superb prices. We encourage you to browse through the items and to get them quick to ensure that your size does not run out.

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that you are able to find the item that you like in the right size.


tunic tops

ladies red top


15% Sale on Women Thobes and Quran Tajweed


Featured for this week:

►► 15% Sale on Ladies Thobes

►► New Thobes for Men

►► Book: Tajweed Rules for Quran

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings!

Here are some updates for this week that you should know about:

15% Sale on Women Thobes – Use this opportunity to save 15% on Ladies Thobes. Just use the code THOBE15 to get the discount when checking out.

New Men’s Thobes– We have added more fancy Thobes in our inventory this week too. These are available in luring designs and fabric. You sure will find the right size for you. Get one or more today.

Tajweed Rules for Quran – diflucan cream doxycycline dosage dogs ehrlichia doxycycline monohydrate solubility purchase doxycycline order diflucan If you need a complete Tajweed guide for Quran, this 3 book set is an excellent choice. Order today to improve your Tajweed.

Last but not least, if there are items that you would like to have but are having difficultly finding them, please do not hesitate to send us an E-mail at admin @



1 (1)

Men’s Thobes


Ladies Thobe


Tajweed Rules of the Quran

99 Names of Allah Islamic Poster and Islamic Books!‏


Featured for this week:

►► Affordable buy cialis cheap | usa canada uk | buy online without prescription. low Islamic Books

►► 99 Names of Allah

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Islamic Poster

Assalamu-Alaikum and Greetings!

This week, we feature a number of small booklets that are short and quick and easy to read. All these books are available at very nominal prices (many are less than $5). These books can provide you with a great knowledge refresher and practical guidance sep 16, 2008 – buy estrace no prescription , you guessed it, you include the dads in the message and in the solution, where can i find estrace online . for contemporary lifestyle issues. Also, do not forget to get the 99 names of Allah poster at a great price.

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Allah’s 99 names Poster

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  1. Abridged Biography of Prophet Muhammad: This book provides useful information about the golden period in Islamic history. This historical account is presented by Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab At-Tamimi and covers a number of key events of the Prophet’s life.
  2. 99 Names of Allah poster: A unique eye catching design captures Allah’s names and attributes from the Quran.
  3. Islam – The Solution to the World’s Perplexing Social Problems: This booklet presents Islamic solutions to modern day social problems.
  4. Guidelines for Raising Children: This book provides practical Islamic advice to parents about raising a child. It covers everything beginning from the rituals for a newborn to training for prayer etiquettes and other obligations that you will find highly useful.
  5. Selected Supplications for the Day and the Night: This booklet compiles the necessary supplications for daily use. The book has English and Arabic versions of all supplications.
  6. Fifty Questions and Answers On Islamic Monotheism: This booklet is replete with facts about Oneness of Allah, a core concept related to the Islamic faith.
  7. Juz Amma (Part 30th) of the Noble Quran: This edition is in Arabic and English.

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abridged biography of Prophet Muhammad



IslamSolutions to worlds

Quran juz amma



Dubai Hijab – Crinkle Design


Dubai Hijabs are prominent among Hijab styles from other regions. They are specially designed to give you extreme comfort and style. Dubai is considered the hub of Middle Eastern Fashion trends, and offers many amazing hijab styles for elegant Muslim women. This crinkle design Dubai Hijab is a striking launch. Its pleated front and back parts provide it a unique touch of style. This single piece Hijab is easy to wear. It covers the head

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purple hijab

Dubai Hijab Crinkle Design


Collection from Riyad-us-Saliheen (Full Color Edition)


There are a number of books available on Ahadith and to get maximum benefit from this true form of guidance, Imam Nawawi’s books can be an authentic source. In this beautiful book Collection from Riyadh-us-Saliheen, there is a collection of all important ahadith from Riyadh-us-Saliheen. The two volumes have been merged into one book

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so that you do not have to buy different books. This book contains all the Ahadith related to fasting and prayers in Ramadan. Another best feature of this book is the English translation with Arabic context. You can find all the important Ahadith and their English translation with best price baclofen generic -> is baclofen in generic. where to buy baclofen online? buy cheap baclofen online – click here! Arabic explanation. All these features are placed side by side in this book. There are a number of Quranic verses to emphasize on different aspects of daily life. Also it has a brief review of the pious life of Imam Nawawi. You can find many points of guidance from his life.

A true believer is the one who can search for a way to strengthen his or her faith and this collection of ahadith has

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useful guidance for all seekers of knowledge. The best benefit is that you can have all the important Ahadith of Riyadh-us-Saliheen in one place.



Collection from Riyadh us Saliheen

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Black satin hijab cap with elegant beads


The satin hijab caps are famous for their stylish and comfortable designs. You can hide all the hair easily with these beautiful hijab caps and they will also help your hijab stay nicely buy estrace vaginal cream without prescription . estrace vaginal cream is used to treat symptoms of menopause. in place for longer hours. Hijab is a basic obligation of every Muslimah and it can be observed in a stylish way. Fancy hijab caps are the most comfortable approach in this regard. The elegant designs will give you a nicer and stylish look.

The comfortable Satin fabric used for these

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modest hijab caps is designed for all seasons. The hijab caps buy baclofen online, baclofen price uk, baclofen 25 mg price . in south africa other drugs like baclofen ingestion in dogs efectos secundarios lioresal will allow you to cover your head beautifully for this purpose. The shining beads on the forehead will give you a very elegant and beautiful style. The stonework is the done in durable glittering beads that have flowery alignment. You can wear this hijab cap with a black shawl or any other shawl in multiple colors. These hijab caps are available at very affordable rates. Place your order for several caps today.


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hijab cap with beads

Black Satin Hijab Cap